Salicylic Acid

What is salicylic acid?

Salicylic acid
Salicylic acid molecule

It’s a crystalline organic acid without color that is vastly applied in organic synthesis and acts as a plant hormone. Additionally to being an essential active metabolite of aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid), it’s perhaps most widely known for its utilization in treating warts.

Besides treating warts, what else is it used for?

It can treat a wide range of other skin conditions, like:

  • acne
  • psoriasis
  • corns
  • dermatitis
  • calluses

How does this substance acid treat warts?

It softens the skin layers where the wart is, so that the warts can be rubbed off with a pumice stone.

It also irritates the wart, triggering a immune system reaction that fights the human papillomavirus, that is the cause of wart.

Is it simple to use?

The process is quite simple and requires 6 steps:

1st STEP – Pick and choose the proper product. There are several over-the-counter products that contain this substance. Wartrol is one of them.

2nd STEP – Carefully wash and dry the wart.

3rd STEP – Apply the product. There are 2 types of applications: applying the liquid directly on the wart and covering it with a bandage or applying an adhesive pad impregnated with the substance.

4th STEP – Wait between 24 to 48 hours. Replace the bandage or adhesive pad if needed.

5th STEP – Remove the covering (the bandage or adhesive pad). Try to remove the dead skin. You can use a pumice stone. It will probably help too if you soak the wart with warm water for around 10 minutes.

6th STEP – Reapply the product (3rd STEP) and repeat the process until you get rid of the wart.

Why should you use salicylic acid?

There are 3 main reasons for that:

  • it’s cheap
  • it’s risk-free
  • it causes minimal or no pain

Any precautions?

You should NOT use it in the following situations:

  • when you’re not certain that what you have is a wart
  • if you have diabetes or any circulation conditions
  • on moles, birthmarks, warts with hairs, warts on the mucous membranes or open warts

Salicylic Acid Side Effects

Besides the precautions mentioned above, there are no known side effects.

How well does it work?

Data pooled from 6 trials reveals that salicylic acid has a cure rate of 75%.

What Products Contain Salicylic Acid?

The answer is simple: Wartrol! This is probably the most effective over the counter salicylic acid product.

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by John Willey

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