HPV Symptoms

HPV is one of the most common viruses that affect both man and woman, so knowing the symptoms is vital! HPV is an acronym that stands for human papillomavirus, this is a virus commonly seen affecting humans as well as other animals. There are different things you must know about it, as recognizing HPV symptoms can help you solve the problems associated with their proliferation.

How the Human Papillomavirus Affects People

HPV Symptoms and HPV PhotosIf there’s anything to be said about HPV, it is that they are very specific on the areas in which they can strike. In fact, they can only make effective infections at a specific region (the skin) and at specific cells (the keratinocytes). Their presence is more or less asymptomatic, and most of the time the worst thing they can cause is warts. But on some cases, they can cause severe illnesses to come about (more on that later).

It’s been said that the primary evidence of their presence is the emergence of warts. This type of skin infection can actually grow in all kinds of places, ranging from the exposed parts of the skin to the genitals. This is often caused by the penetration of the HPV into breakages in the skin such as wounds. From there, they can proceed to grow, and the growth associated with their proliferation is actually the body of the wart itself.

But while almost all cases of infections of this virus are caused by transmission thru skin breaks, by no means that it’s the only reason for their presence. In fact, it can also be sexually transmitted. How does it get transferred via sexual contact, you may ask?

The Sexual Transmission of HPV

Female and Male HPV Symptoms
HPV Symptoms: Genital Warts

Thru genital contact, HPV can be transmitted from man to woman and vice versa. And while transmission is made possible by any type of intercourse, it is most often caused by either vaginal or anal sex. What’s scarier is that it can be transmitted regardless if sex is of heterosexual or homosexual nature, and more often than not, the infected partner is asymptomatic.

If a person gets infected thru this manner, genital warts are the first signs of infection. This is because the virus is causing the cells in the genital area to transform. And while the immune system often squashes these attacks, there are times that the infection is just too much to handle. And it’s during this time that the warts would manifest themselves.

HPV Symptoms: Beyond warts…

How Do You Get HPVSure, you probably know that warts are the main manifestation and one of the first signs of HPV infection, but did you know that it can actually cause bigger problems? Warts are not the only HPV symptoms… In fact, cancers such as penile, vaginal, vulvar, and cervical cancer are actually caused by viral infections of this kind. In fact, most of these cancers, especially the cervical cases, are caused by this virus. And what’s more, it often takes years before symptoms of cancer can actually show up.

Because of these reasons, it’s very important for both men and women to know about the different HPV symptoms. When these arise, it’s very important to get medical attention immediately. While most of its benign issues, particularly warts, are easily treated by treatments such as salicylic acid, it can also be a sign of a worse condition such as cancer of the genitals or AIDS.

Although knowing HPV symptoms is important, but you should really focus on preventing to get infected with it!

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