How to Deal with Warts on Hands

warts on hands
Warts on hands

One of the most dreadful things that can happen to you is when warts start to show up on your hands. Aside from being an eyesore, warts on hands can prove to be painful and can hinder you from doing your job. You might even get embarrassed due to the fact that common hand warts can cause some people to stay away from, even if it’s not contagious.

The fact is that you will get infected by warts one point in your life. Most of these types can go away on their own are generally harmless. But there are types that are stubborn and do not simply disappear. The worst case scenario is to resort to invasive procedures such as freezing, laser and taking chemicals to get rid of them.

What Causes Warts On Hands?

These are caused by some strains of HPV that can get inside lesions on the skin. There are hundreds of types of HPV, and if you scratch your warts it can spread to other parts of the body. When this happen these virus start to multiply and result to warts. These are often fleshy and can cause some pain and discomfort if not treated the right way. The most common reason why warts multiply is due to the fact that they love to thrive in moist environment, and if you do not protect yourself you will get infected. Another reason is that you have a weak immune system making you an easy target for warts. So, are warts on hands contagious? Yes, they are!

Prevention of Warts

Warts are usually caused by contact with contaminated surfaces or direct skin contact. Here are some tips to prevent getting warts:

  • Cover your wart with a glove or a plaster
  • Avoid scratching the wart as this may spread to other areas of your skin
  • Don’t share your personals such as socks, shoes and towels with someone who has warts
  • Do not ouch the warts of other people
  • When in a public shower or swimming area wear flip flops or other types of footwear.

Treatment of Warts On Hands and Fingers

How to remove hand warts? If you are lucky some of this just go away on its own, but some of the treatments can be painful and may present some adverse effects. The thing is not all invasive procedures are effective. There are self help tips that you can try and even homeopathic remedies such as Wartrol that can help. This medicine is designed to make your immune system stronger to fight off the viruses.

You may also try medicated plasters, gels and cream that can be bought over the counter. These usually have salicylic acid that kills the virus. Creams are also good medications but may be a bit costly.

Non-surgical treatments such as cryotherapy can be done. This is a procedure that usually freezes the warts and takes them off in matter of minutes, However the bad side about this is that it can be costly due to the fact that it must be done on several times. So the best way is to prevent if you can rather than going through the painful processes.

Here’s an interesting video where Dr. Ben Behnam talks about different types of warts, including warts on hands.

Knowing how to treat warts on hands is important, but you should really focus on preventing it!

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